The History of Pressure Washing Machines

Today’s writing comes from Andrew Thompson, founder of ViperTech Mobile Pressure Wash. He gives his unique insight into the history of power washing and adds his humor. I’m sure you’ll enjoy today’s tidbit from him.


If you think about, we have so many inventions nowadays, and one thing that I commonly see being used in homes and commercial properties and power washers. With that, an interesting question popped into my head while eating a delicious chicken fajita taco from Whataburger. How were pressure washers invented?

I’ve been power washing in Houston for several years now, and after being accredited by the BBB, receiving many golden reviews, and serving many satisfied clients I decided to do a little digging.

It turns out that two people say they invented power washing, and well it’s only up to us to speculate who did it?

On one hand of the coin, we have the Germans with their brilliant technology and rate of advancement where the power washer came from Alfred Karcher, the owner of the major Karcher brand. It doesn’t surprise me, though, that they would make such claims. After all, they are one of the largest manufacturers of cleaning devices, and an invention coming from them seems plausible.

Now, on the other side of the coin we have a man by the name of Frank Ofeldt. I’ve read an interesting article that states that the reason the power came from Frank Ofeldt was because of the prohibition movement back in the 1920s.

What happened was that Ofeldt was tinkering around with a few schematics trying to make a device that would eventually create illegal alcohol. He was having success with it, but by accident, he discovered something interesting. An accident like this sounds way too much like the movies, but sometimes our best inventions come from accidents!

He was messing around with a machine that produced steam, and as he turned the device upside down he found that the steam would push out, and the grease on the floor would move!

Ta da! As if by a stroke of magic he discovered that he could remove oil. Instead of pursuing the path of illegal alcohol production, he thought it wiser to invent a the machine that could remove stains from the ground.

So who discovered the power washer?

I can’t tell! It’s somewhat bothersome if I want to geek out on it. It reminded me of my childhood when I said a word and then everyone started using it but was I the first to say it?

Well, the great news is that regardless of who invented this machine it’s because of them I’m able to serve all of Houston, Pearland, Humble, and Sugar Land. If you’d like to see some of my work feel free to visit me at:

So what are yo thoughts?

Who do you think invented the power washer?

Leave your comments below and let me know!…

The History of Carpet Cleaning Machines

Carpet machines have always been an elaborate part of history. Royals used mats to show family history, Egyptians used carpets to show power and encase their dead, and the townspeople used carpets to keep warm. Carpets have been created with a large variety of different fibers, with a large variety of different methods to create the rugs, with a large variety of meaning for the use of the mats.

When the mid-1800’s began to develop, that is when the modern day carpet was first being produced. Soon after, the invention of the first handheld carpet cleaning machine followed, in Chicago during the later years of 1860.

As time passed, and the industrial revolution began to progress, there was an Englishman, who went by the name of H. Cecil Booth. Mr. Booth invented the first vacuum cleaner that was powered by electricity. While Mr. Booth was developing the first electrically powered vacuum machine, a man named James Murray Spangler in Canton, Ohio was beginning to design and create the very the first carpet cleaning machine that had the ability to loosen stains. The machine that Mr. Spangler was building was comprised of a rotating brush that loosened up debris, stains, and dirt on carpets. Sadly, Mr. Spangler did not have sufficient enough funding to continue further with his brilliant idea, so he sold his idea of the husband of his cousin; the man that purchased this idea was a man named Hoover.

Hoover continued with the design idea that he had bought and created the world’s first electric carpet cleaning device. The original name for the company that began to manufacture these electrically powered carpet cleaning devices was called the ‘Electric Suction Sweeper Company’. Fast forward a few decades, and now Hoover makes some of the most modern vacuum cleaners that are out on the market today. Upson further reading of this article, you can note that Steam Carpet Truck Mounts are now more popular in households today.

Before the invention of vacuum cleaners, house cleaning was a tough task for homemakers. Now that these same homemakers had the ability to vacuum up dirt and dust quickly, the vacuum cleaner almost immediately found its way to every home. Carpet sales started increasing dramatically; before the invention of the vacuum cleaner, owning a rug was seen as a tedious time consuming, and a difficult chore when it came time to cleaning the carpet. Now, with the newly invented cleaning device for the rug, homeowners could easily enjoy carpet flooring. Carpets allowed nearly everyone living in a home with an easy and fast way to cover their bare wood floors. Carpets were soft on the feet and kept out the frigid temperatures during the winter months. Soon, carpets began to appear in businesses, office buildings, hotels, and apartment buildings. Vacuum cleaners even started to come in with attachments like scrubbing brushes, wands, and lengthening attachments. This meant that users had the ability to clean cleanings, stairs, and in those hard to reach places.

Over the years, technology began to develop further. Inventors who were interested in progressing old inventions had the ability to design the pre-cursor of the modern day carpet steam cleaner; this was also a wonderful invention, for it allowed homeowners the ability to give their carpets a deep cleaning. The carpet cleaning machine became truly nifty to have around when trying to clean entire buildings filled with rugs; businesses began to pop up, offering to clean your carpets commercially. Now in time, carpet cleaning businesses have began to sprout up and even market through the internet. It’s no amazement that this is now a reality. Some notable businesses are from Andrew Thompson, whom has managed to grow VT Mobile Carpet Cleaning, and expand it to his Baytown, Texas office.

Currently, there are seven different types of vacuum cleaners; these seven various kinds are available in different sizes, styles, and some even come with a variation of voltage requirement. For example, there are vacuum custodians for cars; vacuum cleaners that are used for household cleaning cannot be plugged in and used to clean your car, because of the difference in voltage.

The most significant vacuum cleaner is named the cyclonic vacuum; this type of vacuum cleaner was one of the most important types of vacuuming devices invented because of where the dirt and debris are collected. Instead of being gathered in a paper or cloth bag, the dust is collected in a large cylinder. The cyclonic vacuums function by using a central air force that sucks us the dirt, dust, and debris through a variety of filters. Then, the cyclonic vacuum released the dust free air back into the room; the cyclonic vacuum cleaner is the most efficient housecleaning vacuum. Let us not forget the canister style vacuum that we see all the time in schools, big businesses, and offices; these are the backpack style spaces, where the collection of the dirt is on the back of the user, and the suction part is in control of the user’s hand. There are also smaller, handheld vacuums, vacuums used to suck up water, battery powered handheld vacuums, vacuums used for heavy duty cleaning (for shops, mechanics, and such), and robotic vacuum cleaners, or even the giant vacuum trucks that are used to clean up containment spills.

One of the most interesting, recent space inventions is the 2004 hovering vacuum custodian. A company named Airider in Great Britain released a vacuum cleaner that floated on a cushion of air. This vacuum cleaner was sold, being said that it was very light-weight, easy to maneuver in comparison to using wheels, and considerably reasonably priced. However, Airider was in competition with Dyson, who had released a vacuum similar to this no less than 46 years ago.

There was also another inventor from Great Britain that developed a new type of cleaning technology known as Air Recycling Technology. Instead of using your standard, everyday vacuum cleaner, the Air Recycling Technology uses a stream of air that will collect dust from the carpet that you are cleaning. The Market Transformation Program tested this technology from the Air Recycling Technology and found that this vacuum cleaner to be more energy-efficient than the typical vacuuming method. Although there are working prototypes that exist around the world, there is no company that is currently manufacturing the Air Recycling Technology Vacuum.

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