About Us

Welcome to Museum of Western York County – now located in Houston, Texas.

We’re proud of the heritage we carry, and the simple message of how homes have evolved over the recent century. Because of our inventors, scientists, and pioneer visionaries we now have luxuries previously unavailable in times past. Families can now enjoy the luxury of cleaner homes, instead of dirt, dust, and grime building up in our carpets… More on that on our carpet and vacuum history section.

For those that are unaware, this is an online museum, who’s operations are based out of Houston. This is a new approach we’re excited about, because now we can showcase more work without being bogged down by property, and the other risks that are involved in handling a true museum.

The upside: You get the full view of the history of what we hold, without any time constraints.

The downside: You don’t actually experience these valuable items.

In any case, we’re happy to have you over. Come on by and spend some time with us.

2016 Museum of Western York County